This is me. . .

Freakin’ out! AhhHHHH!H!Hknfa,gjaljrkael jal!!!!!!

I just got an e-mail from my running coach.  Our marathon training starts this Sunday.  I am so nervous it’s unbelievable.  I’ve never been so afraid of failing in my life.  Is that weird?  I have to remember that this is for me and no one else.  It’s something that I’ve always dreamt of doing (for some odd reason) and it’s crazy that it’s being set in motion.

This is what next week looks like:

Sunday-3.2 miles (5k)

Monday-4 miles

Tuesday-6 miles

Wednesday- 4 miles

Thursday-6 miles


Saturday- 3 miles

Grand total= 27 miles!!!!!!!!!!!

One day at a time.  Get ready for weekly updates on my progress.  I need all the encouragement I can get.

I’ll be working two jobs ( I just couldn’t let go of Anthropologie) and training for a full marathon.  These next couple of months are definitely not going to be dull.


I Know, I Know. . .

…So, it’s been a while.  Sue me.

I’m kidding.  Please don’t do that.

Last time we talked I had just finished my second half marathon! Craziness.  Life has been so busy these last few weeks that I’ve had little time to keep up with blogging.  Reading my millions of blogs has not been a problem though. ;)

The half marathon.  I will say that I wish I would have done better.  I kind of expected to improve from my last one, but I came in with pretty much the exact same finishing time.   I’m starting to see a pattern for myself.  I train really well and gain a lot of confidence that when the race gets closer, I tend to back off my training.   Lesson learned: push hard all the way through.  I think if I would have done this, and gotten in my 12 mile training run as planned, I would have killed it.  BUT I have to remember that I finished and that was pretty much my only goal…besides doing better than my first half.

Another lesson learned:  Keep with your routine on race day. For some reason, the night before the race, I decided I was going to go without music on race day.  I NEVER run without music.  Since it was a Rock N’ Roll I figured that having music along the course would suffice.  Nope.  I needed my tunes.

Another thing that I did not do during training was experiment with long run fueling.  Typically, if you run more than 75 (it may be more or less than that depending on your source) minutes you need to fuel during your run.  I never did this.  So, when race day came and I popped some sports gels, my body freaked a little.  But I really needed fuel by mile 8-9. . .otherwise I probably would have fainted.

Lesson learned:  Cross train.   I think this would have made me a lot stronger.  Running for 3 months straight got boring too. Hoping to join a gym once we move (what?!…yeah, we’re moving. More about this later) and get in on some fitness classes.  I love those!

For the full(in Portland Oregon!!) in October,  I need to be extremely focused.  Training for 4 months is going to be hard.  I’m excited for the challenge and hoping to take the experiences I have had and better myself for Portland.  Really thankful that I will have a group to train with and push me towards this goal.

Enough about running.  Guess what!

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! We close next week and I cannot wait.  So blessed and thankful that we were able to find something that we love and in a great location.  We’re next to a park and a Whole Foods.  I’m really glad that I will not have to give up my frequent WF visits. I love you, WF.  You’re almost like my best friend.  Almost.

We’ll be moving slowly since our lease is not up on our apartment until July.  Speaking of, if you know anyone wanting to sub-lease from May-July send them our way.  We’ll make them a great deal!

We’re excited to paint ever surface!  I’m not keeping the master bedroom hunter green with gold sponge painting on top.  It was just too pretty for us to keep.  NOT. Sick nasty color.  Once we close I’ll post some beautiful pictures of our first home! :o)

Here is a tribute to our little apartment which I have grown to love so much.

Half Marathon is Done, So Let’s Bake!

Well, I did it.  Finished my 2nd half marathon! And it was still just as challenging as the last.  I really slacked my last 2-3 weeks of training and it showed.  BUT I had my wonderful sis-in-law to push me to the finish with her encouraging words! Thanks, Lindsey!   It was about 45-50 degrees, which in my mind is a perfect running temp.  We never over heated. . .even though my knees felt like fire at the end.   That’s all for race updates.  I’ll do a more detailed post soon.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement.  Now I’m going to need it  x100 for the full marathon. What was I thinking?!?!

Before the race began

Since Sunday, the weather has definitely cooled down.  The high today is 52 degrees and it’s been raining all day.  Which is really nice because TX doesn’t see many rainy days. In fact, I think since we’ve lived here, there hasn’t been any good thunderstorms.  Miss those!   Anyway, I made some soup for din and thought it would be a great day to bake some bread (especially since I wasn’t working!).   I bookmarked this recipe a while ago and just pulled it out of the oven! It’s going to be yummms!  I used all whole wheat flour and nixed the white flour.  I also didn’t have buttermilk, so I made my own by mixing skim milk with 1 tbsp vinegar.

Fridge and Pantry Food Be Gone!

I know this is a weird goal to have, but I am going to try to use everything currently in my fridge and pantry to make dinner this week.  Not going to go grocery shopping.  Not going to eat out.  I don’t think this will be too difficult, but I guess we’ll find out.

I made these little healthy muffins today.  Yummmm.  Added in some Flaxseed and Chia Seeds.

For dinner, I threw this in the crock pot and I think it’s going to be tasty.

An exciting announcement is coming this week. Get ready! (And for all of you who think every time I say I have announcement it means I’m pregnant, you’re going to be disappointed every time for a long time. Sorry)

Two weeks from today I run the Dallas Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon with my sister-in-law, Lindsey!  We have some family coming in town, which will make for a fun weekend!

Just 7 weeks after the half, I begin training for my full marathon that is in October.  Woah.  I can’t believe I’m going to do it!  I am going to be enlisting the help from a place called “Run On” that meets three times a week to train together.  Sunday long runs, and Tues/Thurs run workouts.  It’ll be really good for me to have some accountability because this is going to probably be the hardest I’ve worked for something in my life physically (and probably mentally, too).  The workouts start at 5:15 am.  Help me Lord.

Tomorrow Preston and I are going to see The Civil Wars!  This will be Preston’s first time seeing them and I am excited for him to be blown away by freakin’ amazing talent.  Plus, they’re at a really awesome venue in Waco. Common grounds, woot woot!

Catch up

So, I’ve been absent for a little while due to a sickly husband and trying to spend lots of time with him since we were both gone for almost two weeks.  Missed him!

Only 4 weeks until the 1/2.  I’m having mixed feelings because my long run on Sunday didn’t go so well.  HOWEVER, I’m just going to keep focused and really commit to the rest of my runs.  I think I was getting a little burnt out this week and a 9 mile run wasn’t sounding too exciting.  PLUS, if I have to make excuses, it was 70 degrees and about 80% humidity.  I started to pour sweat after only a mile.  No joke.

I think when you start dreaming about running, you can officially call yourself a runner.  Preston says I move my feet a lot in my sleep…yeah, I’m running freak fast and smokin’ everyone!   I’ve avoided calling myself a runner because 1.) I’m not fast (pretty sure I can speed walk just as fast as I can run)  2.) I don’t look like a runner. Apparently I have a skewed view because ANYONE and EVERYONE can be a runner.   Seriously.  I grew up loving to play sports but I loathed running.  Like to the core.  I remember the smell of the track in the morning.  Horrible.  I threw up a little in my mouth just then.

I’m finally realizing how empowered I become whenever I allow myself to do something I never thought I would be capable of. . .and for me, running amounts over two miles is miraculous!  Running gives me confidence in myself.  Not just mentally, but physically as well.  It’s an amazing feeling to be at peace with your body.  I’m not going to change the fact that I was born to have a big ass, no matter how much I “run my butt off” and I’m okay with that. :)

Don’t be afraid to try the things you’re afraid of because most of the time you really can do it! (Note to self: read this when you begin training for a FULL marathon.  Scared. out. of. my. mind.)

These are some pictures of Preston and I on snow day two or three.  I can’t remember, but trust me, they aren’t super interesting.  Also, I have no idea how to edit a photo,  I just do what looks good to my untrained eye.  We’ve been really bad about taking pictures since we have moved so I am trying to get in the habit of taking more.   Preston is heading out of town this week and now I am really treasuring those couple of days we were “snowed in” together. :o)

The treadmill and I had a long date on Sunday before the Super Bowl.  It was semi-fun.  6 miles and about 2 gallons of sweat.  I’m really proud of myself.  Sometimes I think we avoid saying that because we think we’ll sound arrogant… but I say this from a very humble place.  Knowing I am by no means a runner, finishing those 6 miles allowed me to achieve that so-called “runner’s high” and I realized that our mind can either be our biggest enemy or fan.   I talked to myself through the entire run. “Liz, you can do it. You’ve ran this much before.  Don’t stop.  Keep going. Push through.”  Seriously.  I’m just glad no one can hear my thoughts. Fake it till you make it.  And I did.

On to week 6. Half way there.

My birthday is coming up and I’m really excited.

Fun Fact

I hate having to come up with a title for every post.  When I was in school, it was my least favorite part about writing a paper and I always saved it for last.  That’s not really a fun fact, but it’s a fact about me you now know and should hold dear to your heart.

I have an exciting post coming up soon.  I think you will like it.  I’m featuring some words of wisdom from some great people.

Preston and I have been MIA from work this week due to the abnormally cold temps in Texas.  There’s about an inch of ice out there and crazy power outages. Work has been canceled 3 days in a row for the both of us.  It’s been super nice to be lazy with my honey.  I made chicken n’ dumplings and cinnamon raisin bread yesterday.  YUM.

I kind of wish we had snow.  Missouri got about a foot of snow.  I would love to be trapped with some of my friends and family.  This is the most snow they have had since 1912.

Proof of how quickly the weather changes around here. Saturday was almost 80 degrees and today we are going to have the coldest temps TX has seen in 20 years.  Glad I had the window and door open all day Saturday. . .

Saturday. Window open. Sunny and 75 degrees.

So many crazy world happenings right now.  We should all remember to pray for our friends around the globe.

I ran 4 miles yesterday.  On the treadmill.  It was brutal.  I admire those who can run for days on a treadmill, but that is not me.   I tried to imagine myself running through the woods (Twilight style), but that only lasted for about a mile.  I am nearly done with 5 weeks of training and feeling stronger.  My lungs always feel so big after I am done running.  I love that feeling.

What are some of your favorite things to make/eat on bitterly cold days?