A few before and afters

We spent all last weekend (thurs-sun) working on our house.  We probably spent the most money we’ve ever spent in one place, minus the house itself, at Lowes buying appliances and paint.  I may  or may not have fainted afterwards.  We primed all the walls, minus  bathrooms and kitchen, and finished painting the living and dining room.  Note for anyone looking to paint a popcorn ceilingdon’t do it.  I did not learn this until I had already worked a couple of hours, and finished, both dining and living room ceilings.  It looked so nice.  Then, it dried and you could see all the places I missed.  I was told by an experienced painter that it wasn’t the best idea to paint them and that I should probably wait a month or two before we try to do a second coat.  CRAP.   I’m going to wait a week because I’m impatient.

Here’s some painting eye candy for you.

Living/Dining Before

Lovely brown paint. . .and a globe fan.

Living/Dining After

Loving the light airy colors! Can’t wait until the trim is bright white! You can’t tell very well in this picture but the living area is a light gray (grey?) and the dining room is a lovely mint color.

Dining/Living After

Dining/Kitchen before

Notice the lovely vintage dishwasher in the kitchen? Believe it or not it works, but it is freakin’ ugly. Also, the previous homeowner painted over wallpaper in the kitchen. Good job.  Not looking forward to that project. . .

Dining/Kitchen after

Haven’t quite tackled the kitchen yet.  We’re also hoping to switch out the lighting.  It’s nice, just not our style.  We have quite the list of things we would like to do, but for now we’re stickin’ to painting and minor fixes.  Once we get moved in and organized, I think the yard will be next.  We’ll just see how it all goes!

Easter Sunday

After a long weekend of work, we spent Sunday resting.  Preston’s cousin, Callie, came up from Baylor and spent a few hours with us.  We had lunch and showed her the house.  It was a nice day.

My first day at my new job went really well.  I am excited for my first full week to start tomorrow!  I think I’m really going to love this job, however, it will def be an adjustment from being on my feet for 8 hour/day to sitting at a desk 8 hours/day.  Exercise is absolutely going to be a must.  I’m going to join a gym so I can get exercise in before work.

P.S.  I am extremely guilty of not running AT ALL since my 1/2.  Uh oh.  I’ve been enjoying other forms of exercise like pilates and Jill Michaels.  My full marathon training starts at the end of May, so I should probably start running again. :o)



I am a big fan of planning and routine.  I feel as if I really thrive when I have my day planned and all those things get accomplished.

That being said, life has not exactly been a bundle of agendas these last couple of months.  Which, in a lot of ways, has been freeing and taught me a lot about myself.  However, let me just say, that I am looking forward to the routine of knowing week in and week out what my work schedule is going to be.  I love anthro, but it was rough having a different schedule every week and day.  It has definitely taught me something about being flexible and just going with the flow.

So, another reason I’m really excited about this routine. . .1.) I can plan my workouts accordingly and way in advance every week and 2.) I think it will help me be more discipline in what I’m eating.

I’ve avoided saying this via the internets, because I didn’t want accountability from anyone, but I’m going to say it. First, let me preface saying, I do not think I am fat.  I just want my body to be the best that it can be.  And I may exercise a lot, but I also eat a lot of great food along the way.  So, that being said…

I want to lose weight.  It’s true.  I’ve been inspired by one of my friends, Julianne, to shed a little weight.  She’s done amazing and lost almost 20lbs in a month and half!  Talk about discipline! She just started her blog so you should probably just start following it now.

So there it is people.  Liz is going to be losing some weight.  And trying to find a balance whilst training for the full marathon.  Hold me to it.

Time for a little workout and then a walk/talk date with my friend, Courtney, later.  Hooray for exercising buddies! It makes it so much more enjoyable!

Pantry not gone.

So, I know I had this goal at the beginning of the week last week not to go grocery shopping…BUT I kind of made that goal on the whim without checking out what we had in our fridge.  It wasn’t much.  HA!  However, we have managed (and it’s definitely taken some adjustments) to rarely eat out.  It’s so easy to fall into the habit of just picking something up and not worrying about cooking dinner.  Preston and I knew from the beginning of marriage that eating out was something that would have to significantly decrease if we wanted to save money.   And guess what?  It has been hard at times, but we’ve done it.  We have saved some money and our health. Yay!

Something that has changed in the last month or so, is that we are eating a lot less meat. And guess what?  We don’t miss it that much.  We mainly did this for health reasons, but also because meat is expensive!  If we’re going to eat meat, it’s going to be organic. . .and that’s expensive to say the least!  It’s what I feel strongly about and I’ve done too much research to be blind to the effects of eating non organic, commercial meat.  Ick.  Don’t get me wrong though.  The cheap stuff entices us often and I sometimes have to give in for the sake of our bank account.   It’s hard to find a balance, but we are really trying.   I’m still researching, thinking and contemplating all the things being said and discovered in the food world. . .and oh my word there is so much to be said by so many different people.  All I know is that whole, natural and organic foods are suppose to heal, promote health and give us energy,  not make us sick, fat and tired.

I’m not on a soap box, I promise.  You can still invite us over for dinner or out to eat.  Organic or not.  Meat or not.  I’m no food snob…I just like good food!

So on the quest of less meat, I bought some tofu.  Didn’t really know what to expect.  I forgot where I found it, but I found a simple recipe for first time tofu-ers. And it wasn’t bad.  Tofu pretty much takes on whatever flavor you cook it with. Here is the brand that I tried. $2.99 for the whole package which has 5 servings! Pretty dang great!

Only later, after eating about half of this package, did I see the “Best by” date…Hmm.  I’m still alive, so that’s good.

I’m really obsessed with these little guys right now.  They’re great to take to work.  Plus, I don’t look like an idiot who eats PB out of the jar. . .or a fatty.  Okay, I do it at home.  It’s really embarrassing when Preston finds me licking PB off my fingers and elbows.

If you have any tofu tips to share, please do!

Or any tip for that matter.  Money…advice.  Whatev.

Week one = Done.

I am done with week one of training.  It was a rough start to be honest.  I know that training solo is going to be a lot harder, BUT I am really excited to prove to myself that I can do it.  Patience with myself  is key. . .it’s what I keep reminding myself.  Plus, I felt like a badass running 3 miles in the below freezing temps today.

In other news, this weekend was so much fun.  Our good friend, Zach, is in town visiting and he spent the weekend with us! There was an awesome chili party, games, drinks (lots of those), hot tubbing, laughing (lots of that, too) and just lounging around.  To add to that, I got to see my b.f., Jenny and her husband on Saturday for a couple hours.  They were in Waxahachie  (weirdest place and name) for a prayer conference and so I drove my little self to the middle of nowhere and hung out with them for a while.

Now that the holiday season is behind us, work has really slowed down.  Thus, causing me to have less hours and the work days to drag on.  However, I am thankful for my job and now  I have a little more time  to dedicate more to other things that I love.

Preston and I have been talking a lot about how much we  miss playing music lately.  So, as one of our new year resolutions, we decided to start writing music together.  Ya know, become some cute husband wife duo.  We’ll see. All I know is my soul is thirsty for some music makin’.


So, I’ve decided, after talking with my friend Ashley, that I’m going to try cutting back on my sugar intake.   This is more of an experiment, if anything, to see how my body reacts  and in the process I may lose weight….which would be fine with me, but not necessarily the reason I’m doing it.  If you don’t know already, I’m intrigued by health and fitness and have change a lot of things about the way I treat my body in this last year.

Ever since watching Food Inc. and continuing in my own research, I am absolutely sold on eating organic.  I have tried my best to buy all my produce and meats locally and/or organic and it’s amazing that I actually feel better than I ever have.  On top of going organic on those things, I have also made exercising something I truly enjoy.  Both things have been extremely hard transitions, but have reaped such wonderful benefits for me.  I will not be giving up on those.   The sugar thing however…

So, apparently low-sugar  also  means low-carb, which essentially means I am experimenting with a diabetic diet. Which is funny and kind of crazy.   It’s amazing how many things actually have a ton of sugar or carbs.  Yogurt for instance.  I love yogurt. This is something that I always buy organic as well…but organic doesn’t mean low on carbs! FREAK!

I’m taking this a day at a time.  I’ll let you know how long it lasts. . .