A few before and afters

We spent all last weekend (thurs-sun) working on our house.  We probably spent the most money we’ve ever spent in one place, minus the house itself, at Lowes buying appliances and paint.  I may  or may not have fainted afterwards.  We primed all the walls, minus  bathrooms and kitchen, and finished painting the living and dining room.  Note for anyone looking to paint a popcorn ceilingdon’t do it.  I did not learn this until I had already worked a couple of hours, and finished, both dining and living room ceilings.  It looked so nice.  Then, it dried and you could see all the places I missed.  I was told by an experienced painter that it wasn’t the best idea to paint them and that I should probably wait a month or two before we try to do a second coat.  CRAP.   I’m going to wait a week because I’m impatient.

Here’s some painting eye candy for you.

Living/Dining Before

Lovely brown paint. . .and a globe fan.

Living/Dining After

Loving the light airy colors! Can’t wait until the trim is bright white! You can’t tell very well in this picture but the living area is a light gray (grey?) and the dining room is a lovely mint color.

Dining/Living After

Dining/Kitchen before

Notice the lovely vintage dishwasher in the kitchen? Believe it or not it works, but it is freakin’ ugly. Also, the previous homeowner painted over wallpaper in the kitchen. Good job.  Not looking forward to that project. . .

Dining/Kitchen after

Haven’t quite tackled the kitchen yet.  We’re also hoping to switch out the lighting.  It’s nice, just not our style.  We have quite the list of things we would like to do, but for now we’re stickin’ to painting and minor fixes.  Once we get moved in and organized, I think the yard will be next.  We’ll just see how it all goes!

Easter Sunday

After a long weekend of work, we spent Sunday resting.  Preston’s cousin, Callie, came up from Baylor and spent a few hours with us.  We had lunch and showed her the house.  It was a nice day.

My first day at my new job went really well.  I am excited for my first full week to start tomorrow!  I think I’m really going to love this job, however, it will def be an adjustment from being on my feet for 8 hour/day to sitting at a desk 8 hours/day.  Exercise is absolutely going to be a must.  I’m going to join a gym so I can get exercise in before work.

P.S.  I am extremely guilty of not running AT ALL since my 1/2.  Uh oh.  I’ve been enjoying other forms of exercise like pilates and Jill Michaels.  My full marathon training starts at the end of May, so I should probably start running again. :o)


4 Responses to A few before and afters

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good work Liz! I love the mint. It reminds me of our kitchen, and I’ve convinced mom to paint one of her bathrooms mint. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Julianne says:

    Lookin good! What Jillian Michael’s videos are you doing? I did her 30-day shred before getting hurt and loved it! (aside from the fact that it was a move in said video that hurt me)

  3. meg says:

    Liz! I found your blog via facebook – and now you can count me as a regular! gotta get my liz fix. The colors look amazing, I can’t wait to see how it will look with furniture and everything! so excited for you and preston!


  4. sizlapp says:

    I’ve been doing the 30 day shred! I like it a lot!

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