I am a big fan of planning and routine.  I feel as if I really thrive when I have my day planned and all those things get accomplished.

That being said, life has not exactly been a bundle of agendas these last couple of months.  Which, in a lot of ways, has been freeing and taught me a lot about myself.  However, let me just say, that I am looking forward to the routine of knowing week in and week out what my work schedule is going to be.  I love anthro, but it was rough having a different schedule every week and day.  It has definitely taught me something about being flexible and just going with the flow.

So, another reason I’m really excited about this routine. . .1.) I can plan my workouts accordingly and way in advance every week and 2.) I think it will help me be more discipline in what I’m eating.

I’ve avoided saying this via the internets, because I didn’t want accountability from anyone, but I’m going to say it. First, let me preface saying, I do not think I am fat.  I just want my body to be the best that it can be.  And I may exercise a lot, but I also eat a lot of great food along the way.  So, that being said…

I want to lose weight.  It’s true.  I’ve been inspired by one of my friends, Julianne, to shed a little weight.  She’s done amazing and lost almost 20lbs in a month and half!  Talk about discipline! She just started her blog so you should probably just start following it now.

So there it is people.  Liz is going to be losing some weight.  And trying to find a balance whilst training for the full marathon.  Hold me to it.

Time for a little workout and then a walk/talk date with my friend, Courtney, later.  Hooray for exercising buddies! It makes it so much more enjoyable!


2 Responses to Routine.

  1. jessgallegos says:

    i’m so excited to hear this! if you ever need any advice or encouragement, i’m all over it. i had a little discouraging bout last week and went directly to people i know have been in my shoes for some inspiration. it helped a ton. i must be honest here: 20 lbs in a month and a half is a lot so props to julianne. i’m not sure what that girl has been doing but i’m about to head over to her blog and do a little poking around. ;) i, personally, have only lost 10 lbs since january (which was the reason for the frustration last week), BUT i do a TON of strength training with crossfit so i think somewhere in the equation is a gain of lots of muscle lbs. and the important part, to me, is that i’m getting so much stronger and fit, and i’ve lost a couple pants sizes. yay! you already know this, i think, because you read my blog, i think…but it definitely depends what you are doing, as to what kind of results you will see. anyway, i’m excited to hear about your progress, and love talking about workouts and health, obviously, so holla atcha girl if you ever wanna chat! kick booty girlfriend!

  2. sizlapp says:

    Jess, let me just say that you have been another person I am continually amazed by! You look so great and I am always checking out your blog to see your crazy workout stories. BTW, in our new house, there is a crossfit literally a mile a way. Crazy. I’m excited to start this journey and see results. Thank you for offering up encouragement because I will most likely take it daily….weekly. Whenever I need it! You’re great and keep going! :o)

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