Life, you crazy.

It’s true.  Life is sometimes extremely crazy.  The Lord has a funny way of taking us on this  journey called life.   In hindsight, I ‘ve been laughing about a lot of things that have happened in the last few months and thanking Him for believing in me enough to put me through some of the things that He did.   He was and is there every step of the way.  He provided me (and preston) with everything we needed, including each other.

Texas is really becoming our home away from home.  I really didn’t think it was possible, but now that we physically have a home of our own, we are beginning to feel settled.  I can finally nest.  I like to do that.

This week was a big one.  I accepted an offer from a company to become a Grant Coordinator and we closed on our first home.  Thankfulness is abounding.    I am thrilled about my new job.  The culture in the office seems fantastic and every other Friday we get a half day.  Um, yes please.  I’ll still be working at anthro, because honestly, I really do love it(mainly the people I work with).  And my discount. :o)

The key to our first home!


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