Eating, Reading and Listening.

2011 has brought mixed feelings.  Not a lot has been going on, but a lot has at the same time.  I decided to focus on all the good things that have been happening despite the lack of work I have been doing.  So here’s what I have been Eating, Reading and Listening to this month. Because I know that you sit up at night wondering. . .

Growing up I really wasn’t a big fan of breakfast, but as the years have passed, I begun to love the morning ritual of making a large cup of coffee.  It all started there.  Then, meeting friends for breakfast.  Gailey’s was where this all started.  It makes me miss home and crave their sweet browns.

This month I have been eating eggs like all the chickens in the world are about to go extinct.  I literally have had this same breakfast sandwich 9 days in a row.  English muff, laughing cow swiss cheese, an egg, and a little bit of lettuce. Delish.

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to discover french press coffee, but now that I have, I don’t think I will ever go back.   My little french press makes just enough for a large cup of coffee and since Preston hasn’t acquire a taste (yet) it’s the perfect amount.

I’ve also started to explore the vegan and vegetarian world.  One of the blogs that I have really come to love is Healthy. Happy. Life. Sometimes I am a photography snob when it comes to food blogs and only look at blogs that are well designed (this formed growing up around really artistically talented people) but this one has great recipes.  Plus, she knows her stuff and I love that she explains all the health benefits in each individual recipe.

Sidebar: The photography on this website is not bad, but there’s a lot of advertisement that is distracting…nothing to do with that food.  It’s wonderful!

With all this unwelcome time off from work, I have decided to take that time and do what I always wanted to do when I was stuck reading text books for hours in college.  Read for pleasure.  A friend of  mine saw that I had Redeeming Love on my book self and suggested some other books by Francine Rivers.   And let me just say that I finished the 500 page book in a matter of days. Her Mother’s Hope and Her Daughter’s Dream is a two books series.  I am about to start the second one and I’m sure it won’t take me very long to finish it.

I also purchased a text book like read recently.  If you’re into food, you will most likely like this;  It’s called The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia.  I love it  because it goes in depth into the healing properties of whole foods, as well as their thermal properties…it also throws in stuff about traditional chinese medicine.  I’m a nerd when it comes to this stuff. So interesting.

Preston surprised me the other day with a copy of The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  Best husband award.  I’m really excited to read this little guy as I’m sure it will only spur me further into this journey of vegetarianism and ethical eating.

Tunage. Here it is.  If you have never heard of these people, please just go buy their albums.  If not on itunes, off Amazon ( I highly suggest this; most of the time it’s cheaper).

Local Natives -No words. Just go listen.

The Head and The Heart-Acoustic goodness and catchy choruses.

S. Carey-The guy plays with Bon Iver.  Need I say more?

Richard Walters– Preston discovered him via Pandora.  I could listen to Rich for days…and I have.

Sleeping At Last– They have been one of my favs for years, and will always amaze me with their poetic lyrics.  They just recently release Yearbook-December EP and Yearbook-January EP both of which are stunning.  Listen to Snow on the December EP.

ADELE– Another one that I have loved for awhile now.  I am highly anticipating her new album in February! She has one song on her myspace up already…go. now. And then get excited like me.



Week one = Done.

I am done with week one of training.  It was a rough start to be honest.  I know that training solo is going to be a lot harder, BUT I am really excited to prove to myself that I can do it.  Patience with myself  is key. . .it’s what I keep reminding myself.  Plus, I felt like a badass running 3 miles in the below freezing temps today.

In other news, this weekend was so much fun.  Our good friend, Zach, is in town visiting and he spent the weekend with us! There was an awesome chili party, games, drinks (lots of those), hot tubbing, laughing (lots of that, too) and just lounging around.  To add to that, I got to see my b.f., Jenny and her husband on Saturday for a couple hours.  They were in Waxahachie  (weirdest place and name) for a prayer conference and so I drove my little self to the middle of nowhere and hung out with them for a while.

Now that the holiday season is behind us, work has really slowed down.  Thus, causing me to have less hours and the work days to drag on.  However, I am thankful for my job and now  I have a little more time  to dedicate more to other things that I love.

Preston and I have been talking a lot about how much we  miss playing music lately.  So, as one of our new year resolutions, we decided to start writing music together.  Ya know, become some cute husband wife duo.  We’ll see. All I know is my soul is thirsty for some music makin’.