Starting now

I’ve been away from the blog world for awhile.  I don’t like it.  Life has been a little chaotic the past month or so and while I am thankful to be busy, I am rejoicing in these few days off I have had to catch up at home.

I promised I would write about Thanksgiving, but I didn’t realize it would be after Christmas until I got around to it.   To keep it short and sweet,  both were spent with my family and both were great.  It always makes me homesick seeing them, but then again I am much more grateful for time spent with them now.

Our honeymoon was amazing.  I really did marry my best friend and we had an amazing time in Palm Springs.  We sort of felt like retirees while we were there….simply because there are a lot of those there. Our days consisted of waking up early, eating brunch, doing an activity, taking a nap and eating dinner.  Retirees in training. It’s such a cool city.  Very preserved.  You feel like you’ve stepped back into the 1950’s…very retro.

Enjoying the Ace Hotel

This soon became our favorite place to eat breakfast

Exploring Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park

We had fun.  I wish we were back there right now.


I caught a little bit of a cold yesterday, which is sort of putting a road block on beginning marathon training.  As I said, life got crazy for a few weeks and training just wasn’t an option.  So, starting next week , I am taking the plunge and beginning my many weeks of training.   And just to confirm my craziness, I have decided that once my half is over that I am just going to keep going and train for a full.  I told you I was crazy.  It’s on my bucket list, so I figured it’s now or never.

That’s all for now.  Toodles.


Life’s unexpected turns…

It always seems to happen that way.

I’ve got a lot to update on, but have little to no time this week.

Things I will write about soon:


2. Starting marathon Training

3. Honeymoon (we leave on friday!)

4. other things.

My grandma passed away this weekend so I am making a last minute trip to Springfield on Wednesday. Please pray for my family.  It’s hard to live in another state when these things happen, but we will survive nonetheless.   Lots of changed plans this week…and so much to do before we leave.  Preston will be leaving tomorrow morning for a short work trip and will join me in Springfield on Wednesday night.  Pray for safe travels…