Endings and Beginnings

Well, here we are.  It’s August 21 and there are 28 days till Preston and I’s wedding.  A lot has happened in such a short amount of time and it’s amazing how quickly life is changing.  Here’s how life has been as of July 1st:

July 1st–Preston interviews with Women of Faith

July 13th –Preston officially gets the job!! Yay!

July 15– Last minute trip to Dallas to find an apartment.

July 16–signed a year lease for our first place together in Fairview, TX!!

July 26th-28–Preston Moves

Aug 2–Preston starts his job

In the meantime, I am put into fast forward mode.   I started selling all the furniture that could not make it in our apartment, which has pretty much everything minus a couch, love seat  and dining room table.   I also realized that moving meant I would be putting my house on the market.  My mom and I then packed my entire house minus the essentials for living and cleaned from top to bottom.   There was so much to do in between and  I about pulled my hair out.  We finished our awesome invitations and got those out.  I began a little project for the reception tables and at the same time was working on  wedding details galore.  I gave my two weeks notice at Tuscan Hill the same day she had given me the title of On-site Event and Volunteer Coordinator.  Life has a weird way of working.

When I had a chance to breathe and gather my thoughts, I realized how hard all this was and how unprepared my heart was for all of it.  Preston and I always knew there was a good chance of him getting the job, but until it actually happened,  I never knew how hard all of this would  be.  I’m not even officially moved.  I’m still in Springfield working on wedding stuff and searching for a job in the Dallas area.

I’ve been praying that the Lord works on my heart, because after all, this is such an awesome adventure that Preston and I get to have together.  I feel like there is so much for us in Texas and I know that we were placed there  for so many more reasons than I could ever imagine.  I’m anxious to get married and start our life together in a new place.  It’s going to be hard.  But even more so, I think it is going to teach me more about myself and about Preston and I’s relationship.  There  is  a lot of good in all of these changes.

To  happy endings and new beginnings.