Did somebody say patience?

Well, I feel like my body has finally bounced back from the 1/2 marathon.  I actually thought about going for a run yesterday…but I stretch a lot instead. Today I am going to start Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  I know, I’m crazy…and I’m actually really excited about it! I’m aiming to do it everyday…for 30 days.  Imagine that.

The last three weeks, nearly four, Preston and I have been waiting to hear back from Women of Faith.  He interviewed for the Product Specialist position, which he would ROCK at, and they still have not gotten back to us.  I’m so antsy.  I just want to know what we are doing.  If he got the position it would require a move to Dallas. . .so it would be nice to know if we’re going to have to pack up and leave.

I’m a planner.  This is definitely teaching me true patience and it’s really forcing me to trust the Lord’s plan for our life together. When I found out Preston was applying for this job, I was a little perturbed about the whole moving thing but then I got really excited about it.  I almost think I would be more disappointed not to move.  The Lord is faithful.  I know that whatever happens, He has already blessed us with so much.  I’m excited to see how life unfolds these next few months before the wedding.


I did it!

Run: 1/2 Marathon

Well, yesterday was the day.  It’s amazing to think that we (my running buddy and myself) did this yesterday and it’s already over.  All of our hard work and patience paid off.  We crossed the finish line and I couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment.  Before I did this, I never thought it was possible. . .I’m NOT a runner and I certainly didn’t think I would stick with it all the way through training to the race.  I’m so happy to check this off of my life-long goal list.

I am so thankful for this body that the Lord has blessed me with. . .during this process I have truly began to learn what it means to honor your body.  I’m proud of my strong legs and the ability to run.  I’m thankful for friends and family who have supported and encouraged me throughout this process.  My family is the reason I actually made it to the finish line yesterday. :o)

I’ll be taking a break from running for a little while…in the meantime, I graduate in 4 weeks and I get married in 5 months. Life is exciting and blessed.

Run + coffee

Run 2.5 miles

time: 25mins

I was really hesitant about this run…not only was it a morning run, but I just wanted to sleep so much more than get up. Ha! BUT, Laurie and I did it and our reward was a tasty coffee.  We ran the 2.5 miles to Gaileys and had a cup of coffee and then enjoyed the beautiful weather on our way back.  It was so relaxing and a great way to start the day/week.

I felt strong the entire run and started to get really excited for next Sunday! RACE DAY! Can’t believe it’s almost here!

Week 11-

Run: 5 miles

This run was on friday afternoon and it was hot! Not used to running in that sort of weather…but an okay run nonetheless.  I hate to admit it…but maybe, just maybe, I enjoy running in the cold more than the hot. :o)

Don’t worry, I’m still alive. . .and running.

So, I’ve done a horrible job keeping myself accountable with this blog and running.  I have been running…don’t worry.  However the last two weeks have been not so good.  I’ve probably ran a total of two times.  The marathon is a little over a week away and I’m so ready to be done.  Don’t get me wrong, I really am excited for this. . .just a little burnt out, that’s all.

I’ve been reminiscing on what running has done for me these last 12 weeks or so and I have to tell you…running has been so good to me.  I may not always be good to it…but it has done so much for me.  Not only has my body changed in a way I can’t really describe, my confidence in myself is the highest it’s ever been.  It doesn’t hurt that I have great friends and family who have supported me through this journey, but heavens…life is good as a runner.  Yeah, I said…”as a runner.”  I can officially call myself that. It feels amazing.  I appreciate and rejoice in the body God has given me.  It’s a temple and I am working daily to take care of it.  Some days are better than others…but I can happily say I love my body more days than I hate it now. I’m thankful for a fiancé who supports and encourages me to keep running because he knows how it makes me feel about myself. He’s great and that’s an understatement.

I’ll be logging these last few runs before the race. Promise.