Week 2-day 4

Run: 4 Miles

Time:about 44 mins

This run got pushed back two days due to the large amount of snow we received. I was really pumped for this run and even went and bought official running pants.  You know, the tight leggings. Oh, yeahhhh. However, as the day progressed it kept snowing and became unsafe to run on the roads.

Today’s run went really well.  I kicked butt.  I don’t feel that way very often, so I feel like when I do, I need to voice it.  I wasn’t winded and probably could have gone another mile.  Woo! On to week 3!


Week 2-day 3

Run: 3 miles

Time:  don’t know and don’t care! Boom, roasted!

It’s interesting what happens when I decide to relax when I’m running.  I do SO much better. When I forget about time, I am free and happy just running.  Who knew?

Also, when I was training for my 5k I remember realizing that if I did not fuel my body properly, it wouldn’t carry me very far.  I’m learning to honor my body and take better care of it.  That means that I have been eating a lot better and drinking a lot of water. If I take care of my body, it will take care of me.

Today I felt strong and ready for Friday’s long run!

Week 2-Day 2

Run: 2 miles

Time: 24 minutes


I have to admit…I have really been sucking it up lately.  And I also have to admit that I’ve been really hard on myself.

This run was on the treadmill in  my basement.  I stripped off clothes several times. . .and stopped quite a bit. But it’s done and behind me.

I am happy to be eating this wonderful grapefruit right now.

Week 2-Day 1

Run: 3 miles

Time: 32:30

It was a good thing I had my running buddy today.  That three miles was a struggle, but I did it.  Certainly not my best.  However, I need to remember to be patient with myself.

Week one=done

So, I realize I have done a crappy job keeping up with this blog.  I always seem to do that.  Start one and then stop.  However, I have now found a new purpose in using my blog.  My running buddy, Laurie, started blogging about each of her runs to help motivate her, and I have decided to do the same. We are running a 1/2 marathon in April so I need all the motivation one can get.

I know that at times I am going to be overwhelmed with school and wedding planning, but I need to run.  In the midst of the all busyness, I know for a fact that every time I finish running I feel so much better and confident.  I have a really great love/hate relationship with running.

Running a 1/2 marathon is always something I have wanted to do.  Not sure why. . .other than the fact that I want to be able to say I did something that big and worked so hard for it.

So, tomorrow is the start of week 2 of 12.  I’ll be seeing you then.