If we lost some time we can make it up

Well, I spent the summer doing something I had never planned for and it was probably one of the most rewarding and significant things I could have done with my summer. Christ moved in ways that were completely outside of the box I had built around him all these years. Surprise, surprise…the Lord of Lords is unpredictable. Imagine that.

Living in a bubble can be beautifully horrifying. Knowing there are demons in some of your favorite hiding places ready to stir up the dust around you becomes exhilarating. You will either beat the shit out of them or fall for their enticing aroma that leads you to believe you are someone else. It baffles me to think about all the times I have let sin’s arms surround me. I became its slave and fed its need for exsistence.

The theme of this summer was “I am Free.” I’ve decided that seeing Christ through the eyes of a child is something that I should do much more often. Bouncing around and singing at the top of your lungs to some of the most ridiculous songs is sometimes what one needs to know that the God of the universe requires little of us but gives so much joy along the way. He calls us by name. He is our lover. Our father and yes, our very best friend if we so choose. I am His and He is mine.

“Blessed are the gate-crashers who push over every restraint in their made dash to grab hold of life and hope to find in their delirious hands joy.”-Timothy Stoner

“My beloved is mine and I am his.”-Song of Solomon 2:16a

This summer wasn’t about the brokenness that I have always depended on to bring me closer. It was about reflection and a deeper sense of appreciation. It was about loving in a way that was so simple yet so hard at times. And learning that freedom truly comes from Christ alone.


Some journaled thoughts when I first got back:

You never realize how selfish you are until everything you are is needed for someone elses’ survival.
To deny them of yourself would murder their spirits.
Plant a seed and don’t forget to water it.
Even if it is denied daylight it will split the soil to look for the sun.
Apathy feeds nothing but an empty mind. Your impartial heart screams for its existence inside a choice.
To ignore even the littlest things shatters a humble voice that hides behind insignificance.
Sight shall not hinder the way we look at things; It only allows for the picture to have a face with its mere name.
Decisions bare meanings that are not always comprehended by our minds; when you know, you know. Making sense doesn’t always matter.
Take things to depths uncomprehending. To do so, you might fade into greatness that only you will experience.

Until next time.